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Welcome to BotsCheetah

BotsCheetah, also known as BoutCheetah is a private server created by GM Fira and GM Santa. The Original game, called Bout, was Created By N-Log Soft, a Korean game company. But they went out of business, and then acclaim got the english version of it, and named it Bots.

The GM's of Botscheetah are:

GM Fira

GM Santa

GM Dest

GM Slash

GM Fiah

GM Khaos

Wiki News

Please help us with gathering pictures of items to put on this site.

Botcheetah news

The Level Cap has been changed to level 127. It takes a long time to reach this level, but its possible.

Botscheetah Progress

Things that need to still be added to the game

PvP - Guild Points

PvP - Bot Stract

PvP - Team

PvP - Experience

PvP - Gigas

Base - Respawning

Base - Winning

Base - Guild Points

Base - Experience

Base - Gigas

Trade - Re-enter server

Misc. - Friends List

Rooms - Closing Visible

Rooms - Switch Teams

-Total Game Finished-

Base: 63%

Trading: 90%

Misc.[anything else]: 90%

Rooms: 80%

PvP: 37%

Guilds: 100%

Shop: 100%

Gifting: 100%

Sector: 100%

Overall: 80%

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